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Starting a business can be daunting. UBI offers a range of services in partnership with other non-profit organizations to lead  ensure success. Our graduates contribute approximately $500,000 annually to the Houston economy with 30% starting a business after finishing the class. 

How we operate

Business Seminars

Our seminars have been developed to cover a wide range of business topics participants must understand and consider before starting their business. We offer a basic set of classes following the sections they need for a business plan.

In addition to our regular courses we hold occasional one-day seminars which bring participants from a wide range of organizations. These seminars create a greater sense of community among the participants. No longer are they an isolated group of students. They are a growing group of entrepreneurs.

See the impact


Realizing that entering the greater business community can be daunting, we created the mentoring project to give participants an opportunity to introduce themselves and their products to the greater business community.

We work with local business owners to facilitate group attendance for networking events and conferences. This shows participants how to make important contacts at these events.

What our volunteers say


We not only work with our partners and for our clients, we push for the recognition of the impact of empowerment through entrepreneurship. Our drive is to raise the need for increased local and start-up business support.

We celebrate the transformational power of the entrepreneurship process. We highlight how identifying with an energetic and motivated social group creates a new identify among participants . We communicate the economic benefit that neighborhoods and cities receive. We reach the community through the connections we make.

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